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Right Angle Bevel Helical QL Quick Lock

Select Transmission and Motors Australia P/L are pleased to inform all of our customers about another advance in the STM Gearbox product range. The new QL Quick Lock system is available on the Bevel Helical Gearbox & Parallel Shaft Gearbox ranges.

The product has been designed and manufactured in Italy especially for the Australian Quarry Market using the very best materials ensuring maximum reliability and inter changeability.

This system offers quick and easy changes of gearboxes mounted directly onto the conveyor shaft with the use of a Taper Bushing. For applications where regular maintenance and or minimum downtime is essential this development will be ideal.

The tapered bush sleeve can be mounted onto the shaft and then locked into position with the special design gearbox retaining nut. This also has the unique feature that when turned in the unlock direction acts as a press removal tool allowing the gearbox to come free of the shaft eliminating the need for special equipment.

With the added advantage of the bush keyed onto the shaft and to the gearbox, not just relying on friction alone the bush will transmit 100% drive with no chance of slipping.

The mounting bush comes in a range of shaft sizes for every gearbox size a great plus for standardization and reducing costs. With not all equipment being brand new and using metric shafts there still is a need to service imperial equipment and the ability to re machine the tapered bush offers even more flexibility when servicing older equipment.

The backstop device is mounted via a side cover on the gearbox making installation and servicing a simple process

Motor mounting is also via a heavy duty coupling eliminating undue stresses in gearbox input bearings reducing gear box heat and increasing bearing life.

Select Transmission and Motors Australia stock this product in Australia.

The design of this series of gearbox has been set up on a very rigid monolithic structure enabling the application of heavy loads making it ideally suited to the Quarry and Mining Industry in Australia.
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