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Older Style Worm Drives Replacments

Select Transmission & Motors Aust are experienced at replacement of older style worm drives as pictured above, from Imperial to metric wormgear drives over, Under and side driven Units are available.
With drop in replacements available in most cases.
The important features include high efficiency and load carrying capacity combined with long life and reliable service.

Range -Power range upto 250 KW
Reduction Ratio range - up to 4900 : 1
Sizes up to 710mm centre distance
Type -Under Driven / Over Driven / Vertical Units
Single & Double reduction

Applications - Conveyor, Material Handling, Ball Mill,Thermal Power Plant
Industries All Process Industry


Premium Speed Reducers are of substantial construction, combining rigidity with strength.
The worm is of high quality case-hardening steel, accurately generated, ground and super-finished. The worm wheel comprises a phosphor bronze centrifugally cast rim of substantial section welded to a rigid centre, which is pressed and keyed to the shaft.
Shafts are located on dual purpose bearings of ample capacity and having a substantial margin on output shafts for accommodating overhung loads. Lubrication is positive at all speeds, in either direction of rotation and apart from an occasional oil check, no attention is necessary in service.

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