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TECO MaxE3 High Efficiency

High Efficiency to AS1359.5 2004
Rugged Cast Iron Frame Construction
Cast Iron Terminal Box and Cooling fan
Fabricated Steel terminal Box for Motors 185kw and Larger
Flush Trough Grease Relief Lubrication System with labyrinth seals
Fully tropic proofed
Class F insulation with Temperature rise to less than class B
IP66 Enclosure
Porous Screw-In type drain Plugs
Heavy Duty Bearings and Oversized Shaft for Motors185kw and larger for arduous belt drive applications
1 Set of PTC Thermistors for D160 Frame and Larger 2 Sets for 185Kw and Larger.

The TECO through flush grease relief bearing System Gives Positive displacement of old grease and is designed for re-greasing during operation.
The fitment of rotating Inner & Outer labyrinth seals achieves effective sealing from ingress of contamination.
This is a true pressure grease relief system where grease enters the back of the bearing then is forced through to the front and is expelled through a large external discharge chute.
This System will not allow over greasing to affect the performance of the bearing itself, which can cause premature failure. An Additional brass dust flinger is also fitted on frames D280 and Larger .

TECO MAX-E3 - Mining Spec Motors
These Teco Mining Motors are a special range of motors, which meet the High Efficiency MEPS level and also have the following extra features as standard; Grease Relief Purging Bearing System, Cast Iron cooling fans, IP66 with porous drain plugs,185 kW to 375 kW have oversized drive end shaft and bearings for demanding belt drive applications which are suitable for arduous Mining and Crusher Duty applications.

The TECO Mining Motor has been specifically designed for mining and heavy duty industrial applications.
TECO MaxE3 High Efficiency Brochure

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