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Poulibloc Shaft Mounted Helical

Poulibloc 2000 Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers -
With parallel gears are used to adapt the speed of the electric motor to that of the driven machine.
Their size is therefore determined by the motor power ( P ) expressed in kilowatts (kW) and the output rotation speed of the gearbox ( n S ) in revolutions per minute (min -1 ).
The main characteristic of the speed reducers is the rated output torque ( M nS ) expressed in Newton-metres (N.m)
A range of eight sizes for Pb 2000 series :20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.
Rated output torque : from 100 N.m to 13 000 N.m.
Power rating : from 0.25 to 55 kW.Reduction ratios : from 5 to 20. From one to two reduction stages.
High efficiency : 96 % to 98 %. Reversible.

Select Transmission and Motors Australia are proud to be the
Exclusive Australian Distributor of Poulibloc Gearboxes

The Poulibloc 2000 or PB range of gear boxes are arguably the best shaft mounted gearbox available in Australia today. The flexibility of the unique taper bush mounting system makes the gear box the most versatile for use in Australian quarries. The ability to re machine the Poulibloc mounting bush means that it can be matched to any head drum shaft whether it be metric or imperial negating the need to change the drum shaft or the use of clumsy adaptor reduction bushes often resulting in the need to use oversized gear boxes. Pouibloc's unique mounting bush system where with the use of a "C" spanner (supplied with every gear box) not only allows the gearbox to be drawn onto the shaft and clamped but also acts as a press tool to remove the gearbox eliminating the need cut off drum shafts.
Puolibloc Backstop Installation
Puolibloc Installation and Maintenance
Poulibloc Data Sheet

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